DOWNLOAD : CAMOBEAR RECORDS "CamoBear's Greatest Breakups"

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"On this day, the happiest of all days for actual lovers, and the most miserable hate-filled day for the jaded heartbroken losers like the rest of us, CamoBear celebrates that certain special feeeling that comes when you get to listen to a song about breaking up, that really just hits home how miserable and sad, and of course, how still angry you are at the whore/dick who cheated you out of the good life you so richly deserve. Well dry those tears, or use them as lubrication for reckless self-love, cause the label with the heart of honey brings you this special collection of our greatest love/hate songs we have available from throughout our 88 album catalog (YEAH! 88 bitches!)"

1. I Saw You- Tachichi and Moves feat. Kaleb Simmonds (Off The Breathalyzer)
2. Last Bit (Lovely Words)- The Lytics (The Lytics)
3. Take Me With You- Evil Ebenezer (Evil Eye)
4. Splitsville – Josh Martinez/Awol One/Moves (Splitsville)
5. Thats Fine – Snak The Ripper (Sex Machine)
6. Just When I think we There – Moka Only (Station Agent)
7. One is Not So Bad – The Chicharones (Swine Country)
8. Break Everything – Josh Martinez & the Pissed Off Wild (The Bender is Dead)
9. I’m Leaving – Evil Ebenezer (Call Me Evil)
10. Time Alone – Samix (Midriff Music)
11. Go Fuck Yourself – Chicharones (Swine Country)

CAMOBEAR RECORDS "CamoBear's Greatest Breakups"

DOWNLOAD CAMOBEAR RECORDS "CamoBear's Greatest Breakups"


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