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SULLEN MC's album is now available !

Preview tracks up HERE

October has been one hell of a month for us here at E2DaP Records, somehow 3 albums ended up getting released this past October. For those out of the loop let me bring you up to speed, the first album is the "Horrorcore Mixtape Volume 2: The Descent", it is a follow up from last years mixtape and this years is far superior to it in every way. The tracks are banging and feature many of the hottest cats in the horrorcore scene today. The theme for this series is the wicked underground slaughtering mainstream or well known instrumentals.
Second up on the list is "There Is No Rest..." A limited edition pressed run of these have been made and its an Ep. This themed EP is a mix between story telling and experimental hip hop all on J-Nyce from psychward's production. It tells my rewritten version of the horrific "Russian Sleep Studies" through the eyes of three main characters. The full original text is up on the download site for your reading pleasure, its a great read I suggest you check it out. "Dr D, Dr. Epi Von Bloom, and Dr. Vaughn Lichtenstien" are "Sullen Mc, Epitaph, and J buck" (In that order respectively). Beastman also makes an appearance twisting the story and narrating it from the patients point of view...but I'll let the listeners find out when that comes into play for themselves. Last on the list is Sullen Mc's debut LP!!! 100% professional release in every sense of the word, extremely high quality album with some hard hitting east coast hip hop. Definitely on that wicked shit as well, you don't wanna sleep on the album.
Everything we release here at E2DaP is extremely high quality and we cut no corners.

Anyone interested in grabbing a copy of the sullen mc album or hardcopies of any of these (sullens comes with 1, maybe both, for free) just shoot me an email at:
- Much respect -

Jordan (CEO E2DaP Records)

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